Siberian Storm Slots Online and Real Money Casino Play

Siberian Storm Slots

Siberian Storm Slots Online and Real Money Casino Play

Siberian Storm is not for the faint-hearted, that's for sure! If you love slots that are very volatile, that can pay out huge wins on a single spin, then Siberian Storm might be the game for you.

For sure, this game can go on for ages without paying anything, sapping your money really quickly, but then suddenly it can, out of nowhere, give you a series of major big wins, even during regular play.

Siberian Storm Slots

Probably not the best game for the penny player, Siberian Storm is a game where you can go for a long time without winning.

So, why play Siberian Storm slots at all, you ask? Well, mainly because the game can give out some massive wins during regular play.

The bonus game in Siberian Storm slots is a free spin bonus.

There are no feature bonus rounds other than that, unlike some of the other major games released recently (thinking of games like Michael Jackson, Ghostbusters, Breakfast at Tiffany's etc). In that way, Siberian Storm is more like Wolf Run and Cleopatra - you play for wins in regular play and the hope of a free spin bonus with extra wilds and big multipliers.

As a penny player, I like to just put $10 in this machine and then I know I can't lose much. Almost the way I tend to play higher limit slots, albeit on a lower scale.

If during that $10 I hit a big win, I sit back and just enjoy playing. Doing this, I have managed to play for an hour on $10, which has been great. I love the sound as the Tigers line up, giving the anticipation of a big free spin round coming up.

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