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Page 6 of our fun slots pages. A selection of games that are not yet in Las Vegas. Some of the games might be coming to Vegas soon, so you can play them here before you decide to play for money when they arrive in your local casino.

Fun Slot Machines for Real Money

Once people get to know the fun games, they sometimes like to play for real money. You can visit our page about real money slots or, if you like higher stakes games ,with VIP rewards, see our High Limit Slots section, which has some excellent casinos to recommend.


About our Fun Slots

You won't be able to find any of these games in your local casinos for real cash play, or in Las Vegas yet, so this is a good chance to see some very new and exciting games and play online slots machines for fun at home.

Online slots have now been around for nearly 15 years and so the technology is, these days, well proven. There are plenty of good casinos to play online slots for fun, with good customer support and banking options, if you like cash games.

The online slots games have developed so much over the past 5 years, that many of them are just as good or even better than the ones you might get to play in Las Vegas Casinos.

There are lots of players who used to have favorite slots in their local casino, but now their favorites are online slots. So, players that used to have games like Cleopatra or wheel of fortune as their favorites in Las Vegas, may now have found themselves new favorite games like Blade, Zuma and Banzai as their favorite slots online.

Playing online slots might not have the glamor of the casinos in Las Vegas (or the complimentary drinks!), but there are lots of other advantages of online slots.

One advantage online slots have, is they allow players that can't get out and about to enjoy playing. That is a surprisingly large number of slots people out there. Slots players can finally enjoy the sheer entertainment of real money casino games from home.

Another advantage of online slots is the payback values. Most online slots these days offer payout rates of 94%+. That is a lot more than Las Vegas, where some casinos have rates as low as 80%.

If you are going to play fun slots for a couple of hours, that percentage difference makes a huge difference to the value for money you are getting. You will, on average, get to play much longer than you would have at the land-based casino.

As time goes by the games available on the interent will only grow and get better and better. We have already seen some amazing new advances over the last two years, with the introduction of 3D video slots. It is also rumoured that there will be a lot more 'live' slots games coming to the internet over the next few years

The possibility of live games is really exciting and how the slots software gaming companies plan to do this is not yet known. It may be that you get to play real machines for real money fr for fun, or walk around a virtual casino.

You could meet new people, have a drink together in the virtual world, talk about slots, then maybe even meet up with each other in real life next time you go to a land-based casino. It all sounds really exciting, so we are looking forward to the future!

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