Fireball Action Keno

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This interesting variation of keno is very popular in Las Vegas and as it happens, in casinos around the US. You can play this in many casinos, although you are more likely to find it in those that have dedicated sections for keno.

The twist with this game, compared to regular keno, is the fireball. At the beginning of each game, one of the balls is selected as the fireball. If you get a win with this numbered ball, then your wins will be enhanced. Of course, nothing comes for free in gambling - the extra wins here are balanced out by slightly smaller wins elsewhere that you be accustomed to in regular keno.

Free Fireball Keno

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Fireball Action Keno Game in Vegas

If you are on your way to Vegas and looking to play Fireball action, you may be able to find it in the big casinos on the strip, as well as several off-strip casinos.

You will also be able to find other 'Fireball' keno games, including Fireball Keno Deluxe, which features a bonus round and is quite a lot of fun. This game mixes together the best aspects of both keno (the main game) and video slots (the bonus game), so should appeal to fans of slots that are curious about keno.


Fireball Keno Real Money

To be able to play Fireball keno online (or on mobile) for real money is going to depend on your location. Sadly, most US States do not have Government regulation for online gaming and although they do not make it illegal to play, the companies that provide the games will not accept players until the Governments regulate the industry.

One exception is New Jersey. This is the only State that has regulated online gaming well enough to allow casino games, like slots and keno to be played for cash. This Fireball Keno is available to all players in New Jersey that visit casinos like Golden Nugget online and Caesars Palace online.

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