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Welcome to Danny Slot Machines. Our main focus is to bring our visitors the best and latest online slots information, as well as free games.

As well as our free slots, we also have a page where we recommend reliable and safe online casinos to our visitors that are looking to play real money.

So that's it - free slots, slot machine info and world-class online casino listings.


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- All casinos listed are for the benefits of our visitors only - we list them for people that are looking to play Vegas style penny slots online for real money.

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Casinos for UK and Canadian Players

Are you in Canada or the UK and looking to play for real money?

If you are, then you should take a look at the following pages:

- Canadian Slots Casinos

- UK Online Casinos


Casinos Accepting USA Players

Please note, we do not accept paid-for advertising for casinos that accept players from the United States of America.

We will not consider any revenue share or CPA deals from casinos accepting U.S players, so please do not approach us asking for advertising space.

Our USA listings are composed of casinos that we have enjoyed playing at. If your casino happens to appear on our listings, then you may be invited to sponsor our website on a fixed fee basis.


Paid Listings

- We do not accept paid-for listings - this means that you can not give us money to promote your real money slots games. Please do not contact us to ask.

- Before listing a casino, we research the views of hundreds of players worldwide through top-rated industry forums. We attend industry conferences every year, like the G2E in Vegas, ICE in London and CAP events Worldwide and meet the people behind the casinos.

- We look for security, reliable customer service and good options to deposit and cash-out winnings. If we find a casino is not performing, we do not allow it onto our site. Simple as that.


We are here to provide entertainment and fun

Of course, the main thing our site is about is providing entertainment so you can have fun! We have loads of free online slots for you to play and lots of news and information in our online slots blog , which also has free fun games, like scratch cards and bingo.

Whether you like video slots or casino slots we should have something for you. On top of that, we have new sections with free video poker and free table games. So, if you ever fancy a break from the slots and would like to explore some of the other great games in the casinos, we have those too!


Contact Details

If you have any queries or suggestions, please don't feel afraid to contact us. We especially like to hear criticism, believe it or not - it's one of the best ways we can understand what works and what doesn't, how we can improve things..

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Playing Responsibly

We recommend casinos as entertainment, but NOT a way to making money. Casinos are designed to be profitable and so over the long-term you generally spend, rather than make money.

If you are worried about your casino spend, take a look at this self assessment test to help asses whether you are a compulsive gambler and seek help from organizations like gamblers anonymous


Legality of Online Gambling

Online gambling may be illegal in various locations around the world and we advise that you MUST research this matter for yourself to make sure you do not break the law.

We are not lawyers so can't advise whether your government allows you to play. For USA players, this gambling-law-us site and this wikipedia page could be useful for finding out more


Have You had Problems With Online Casinos?

If you have problems with any casinos we list here, please let us know - we will try our best to resolve the problem by talking directly to the management of the casino in question.

We have helped to resolve a number of issues for our visitors and it is something we are proud of.


Did Your Know?

In Great Britain on't use the term 'slots' very often and instead call the games Pub Bandits, Fruit Machines, Gamblers, One-Armed Bandits and Fruities?

In Australia, most people call slots 'Pokies'

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