Help & Tips to Play

If you are having problems playing our free games, please take a look at the following list of tips, advice and information to try to get them games working.


1: Flash Player not Installed (Desktop and Laptop)

Most of the slots on our site have been made using a computer language called Flash.

So, to play the games, you will need to have Flash player installed.

You can Download Flash Player Here


2: Flash Player not Enabled (Mobile and Tablet)

If you have Flash Player installed, but the games are not working, it might be that it is not enabled in your browser (it is turned off).

To enable Flash Player, please see the links below, depending on your browser.

How to Enable Flash Player on Safari

How to Enable Flash Player on Chrome

How to Enable Flash Player on Firefox

How to Enable Flash Player on Internet Explorer


3: Your Internet Connection is too Slow

Sometimes a game doesn't seem to work because the interent connection is too slow. In many cases, you just have to wait for an age, but once it loads, it works fine.

Some games we have tested on very poor internet connections take over a minute to load, whereas with a good connection they took less than 5 seconds.

So, it is worth waiting a while. If is hasn't loaded after a minute, try refreshing the page and hopefully it will work the second time you try.


4: The Game is Down

Sometimes the casinos that provide the free slots need to do essential maintenance or upgrade the game.

This is really frustrating, because we never know when this will happen and there is nothing we can do about it.

The only thing to do in this situation is to try again later. Maybe play some other slots and come back to the one that was not working on a different day.


5: The Game Does not Work in Your Location

For reasons that we don't actually understand, some casinos do not allow their games to be played (for free) in certain countries.

In most cases, the game will tell you if they do not provide games for your location, in the form of an error message saying (something like) "not available in your country"

The only way to get around this, that we know of, is to use something called a proxy server or VPN. You can use these services to serve the game from a country where the game can be loaded without being blocked.

The best location to choose for a VPN is generally the UK

There are lots of VPN services around and the ones you pay for tend to be better than the free ones (they are faster and more reliable, so the games work better).


6: You have Cookies Blocked on Your Browser

Cookies are small, harmless bits of code that allows the casino to know, amongst other things, where it's visitors are coming from (Country and City) and what games they are playing from.

The information is useful to them, so they know which games are popular in which places etc. It allows them to improve their games.

Some of the casinos will not allow you to load the free games if you have cookies blocked in your browser. If the games are not working for you, you may need to enable cookies.


The link below will help you enable your cookies.

How to enable cookies in your internet browser

Another page about enabling cookies, if the one above didn't help you





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