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What is Jokers Wild Poker?

Joker Wild, also known as Joker Poker, is an extension of a popular Jack or Better poker variant, with one significant difference – as the name implies, the Joker card in this version of the game will act as the Wild. It is similar to 2s Wild, but in this case, the wilds are extra cards added to the pack, making the pack of cards bigger.

Those of you who have been playing a bit of cards or hit a few slots here and there, will be well acquainted with the Wild card rule and what its purpose is. If, however, you haven’t had a chance of coming across any games that employ the Wild card, a further explanation may be in order. The Wild (which can either be a card or symbol, depending on the game) can take place of any other card or symbol and complete the hand by forming the best possible combination. In this case, Joker will be the replacement card which means that this variant is played with 53 instead of 52 cards.


How is Joker Poker Played?

The session will begin with the machine dealing 5 cards to the player, who will then analyse the dealt hand and decide which cards will have the highest potential in terms of forming the best ranking hands. To hold onto a certain card r cards, the player will use the game commands and manually select all the relevant preferred options. When the final decision is made, the player will click on the Deal button, which will automatically discard all the cards that were not marked, removing them from the screen.


How are hands ranked in Joker Wild?

There is no difference in how the hands are ranked in this Video Poker variant, except for the fact that Joker can take on a role of any other card you need to complete the hand. The hands are ranked as follows, lowest to highest:

  • One Pair – two of the same denomination cards
  • Two Pair – two different pairs, such as two 2s and two 3s
  • Three of a Kind – three cards having the same rank
  • Straight – five sequential cards
  • Flush – five suited cards
  • Full House – three of a kind in combination with a pair
  • Four of a Kind – four cards with the same rank
  • Five of a Kind – four suited cards + Wild card
  • Straight Flush – five sequential cards in matching suit
  • Royal Flush – the big one: Ace, 10, Jack, Queen and King, all in the same suit


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What is the best strategy in Joker Wild?

The strategy that you should use when playing Joker Wilds will depend on whether or not you are dealt with the Wild card. If the Joker comes your way, the following rules should be followed:

  • Make sure to hold onto 3 of a kind hand or better
  • Keep any four Flush or Straight Flush cards with A and K
  • Hold 3 or 4 cards to Royal Flush
  • Keep the pairs
  • Hold any 3 cards to Straight Flush as well as 4 cards to Flush


For all other combinations, all cards, excluding the Joker, should be discarded.

Hands without the Joker should be played using a system that that you would normally use when playing poker: holding four or three cards to Royal Flush combo, holding four or three cards to Straight Flush, etc…


Which land based casinos include Joker Wild to their offer?

Las Vegas is where you will find a number of brick and mortar casinos famous for their Video Poker machine selection - venues such as The D, El Cortez, Boyd and Plaza Las Vegas are only some of the go-to places for a number of local players who can appreciate Poker machines with over 100% RTP.

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