Slot Machine Jackpots

Thousands of people have become millionaires playing Megajackpots in the USA and now, players can win huge amount online too. The chances of hitting a jackpot are slim. Very slim. But all the casinos pay them out regularly, whether they are online or in Vegas.

Over the last few years, we have been seeing more and more online casinos with $1m dollar jackpots and the good news is the good casinos love to pay out because it is such good publicity for them.

If you like to play real money slots online to win jackpots, the first thing to do is research the casinos. You need to find a casino that has a good reputation for paying out their winners quickly and without fuss.

There are loads of online casinos that have paid out big multi-million dollar jackpots now, so doing the research is not difficult. One thing you can do is just google the casino you are looking at along with the word 'jackpot' and look for the press releases.



Online Slots Jackpots

Online slots jackpots are improving by the day. A decade ago very few of the casinos offered them, but as the industry has grown and government regulation of casinos has come in, more and more slots jackpot casinos are appearing with every month that goes by.

Some jackpots are now well over $1m and we have even see some at over $6m. In the UK, the Cleopatra slots jackpots (run by the same company that offers slots in Las Vegas) are often over $5m.

One thing to look out for, is how much you have to stake on each spin to have a chance of winning the jackpot.

Some slot machines have a rule that you must 'max bet' to be able to win a jackpot. If you do not max bet and hit the jackpot sequence of reels, you still get a big win, but not the really big progressive slot jackpot.

If you are a big money player, it might be that you tend to max bet anyway when you enjoy your slots, but for many of us, playing low value and still being able to win the jackpot is the thing we are searching for.

Some slot machines to look out for if you are one of us 'value' players are the ones where you only have to max bet on the winning line, rather than max bet by playing all the lines and all with maximum credits.

You should also look out for games where the lowest credit denomination is 1 cent, but the game still allows you to win the jackpot. There are plenty of them, but you have to search for them.

One of the best machines of this type is the Jackpot Party Penny Parade game. They have random jackpots, which can even be triggered even if you are only playing one line at 1 cent per spin.

Not only are these games some of best out there, with great bonus features, compelling characters in the video bonuses and amazing sound effects, the last time we looked, these machines had a big $1m jackpot.

Then there are the Wheel of Fortune Jackpots that are always popular - it's worth looking around to find the best wheel of fortune slot for you, because there is such a huge number of them in any casino, that you need to find the one that pays out the big slot prize for the amount you intend to play.

As we mentioned before, a lot of machines have rules where they do not allow you to win a jackpot unless you max bet. These max bets can be as high as $5, especially on the newer big games. But on other machines, the max bet might be $1. So, what should we do?

It stands to reason, that if you are playing $1 per spin on a $5 max bet machine and it does not allow you to take a maximum prize on that $1 spin, then you are getting bad value for money.

To maximize your potential, you would be much better off finding a different game to play where you can spin $1 and have a chance of the jackpot. The take-home message is simple - if you like to play for jackpots, make sure you take a good look around the casino and find the best slot for you.


TIP - if you are looking to win a jackpot playing pennies it is much better to play 5 lines at max bet if it means you have a chance of winning the jackpot, than it is to play 20 lines at a lower bet, but be unable to win it


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If you prefer just to play for the fun of exploring the game, seeing what the bonus features are like, the movie clips etc., then you would be better off ignoring the jackpots completely, playing minimum bet and just enjoying it as entertainment.

Whichever way you look at it, the slots are a form of entertainment. Fun. Not a way to make big money. jackpots are popular and you should try to get the best odds when you play, but they are still just part of the fun.

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