Slot Machine Regulations

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As most people are probably aware, brick and mortar casinos are heavily regulated.

The slot regulations are especially important because there are all the mechanical or electronic pieces working in the background are hiding payout percentages from the player and the amount they payout is configurable to fit the slot regulations as well as the casino’s bottom line.

The slots regulations for a brick and mortar casino are in place to protect the player as well assure the government that they get their fair share fo the tax revenue. Online casinos are not nearly as regulated, however, most online casinos voluntarily regulate them similarly to brick and mortar casinos and some go a step farther.


Brick and Mortar Casino Slots Regulations

While individual areas of the world differ in their casino slots regulations, what is actually regulated is fairly consistent.

For example, most locales with casino gaming will regulate the payout percentages that the slot machine must pay out. These slot regulations can include a simple average payout over time percentage or be more specific.

For slot machines with progressive bonuses, there may be regulations in place for both the average payout for regular play as well as regulations revolving around the progressive slot portion as well.

Some regulations for slot machines in some areas regulate the frequency of “hits” on the machine as well, especially for five reel video slot machines with bonus features.

What these regulations serve to do is ensure that players get a fair chance to win, all while assuring the casino makes money.

The other purpose of slots regulations is to allow the entities which tax a brick and mortar casino to assess a tax basis based on the amount coming into the machine, rather than figure out how much profit was made on the machine.

By having a set amount or a range which the slot machine must pay out, the taxing bodies can easily assess the tax based on the income for the machine because they know what it should be paying out, on average.


Online Casino Slots Regulations

The regulations themselves for online casinos are much less strict, however, in the interest of fairness' most online casinos make a point to let customers know that they are fair with their gaming.

There are a couple companies that certify online casinos to let customers and potential customers know that the gaming is fair and honest.

Some casinos boast that they follow Vegas rules and regulations for all their games and others actually take it a step further by publishing the average payout percentages for their slot machines on the site, sometimes right beside the game itself on the site or in the software.

The other advantage for online slots players is that they can often play for fun, giving the machine a few hundred spins to gauge payouts and hits on their own before switching to real money play.

ome of the countries which online casinos operate out of do regulate and tax the online casinos while others do not' however, most online casinos will be fair with their slot machines simply to stay competitive.

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