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Which are the best... online or land-based slots?

If you talk to players in Vegas, enjoying the games on offer, the majority will tell you that the land-based games are much more fun than playing online. But, for many online players, you quite often hear the opposite opinion, with a lot of players loving playing from their own devices, rather than the traditional casino floor.

So clearly, there are pros and cons to both land-based and online slots, with different players enjoying different aspects. Here, we take a look at what we love, and what we don't love about online slots in comparison to their land-based counterparts

Online slots v land based slots

For those who are lucky enough to live near a land based casino, they can get their fill of land based slots but can also play online slots when it is not convenient to travel.

The fact is both land based and online casino slots have advantages and both are great options if you enjoy playing slot machines.


The sounds, sights and ambiance of land based casinos

For those who live near a casino or for those who are travelling to an area that has casinos on vacation, nothing beats the brick and mortar casinos.

Many casinos have themes, you are served drinks, you can play with a friend and you can wander around the casino choosing from one of a number of slots.

You can even employ some slot machine strategy, watching for slot machines that have not hit for awhile then swooping in when it becomes available in hopes that it will start winning for you.

But the main draw to land based casinos is the ambiance. Nothing compares to the clinking sounds of hundreds of slots being played at once or hearing the roar of the crowd when someone hits it big.

Land based casinos are simply fun and should not be missed if you have the opportunity to go. But, many people do not live near a casino and even if you do sometimes it can be inconvenient to get there.

You might have a cold and think your spirits would be lifted by a few rounds on a slot machine but who wants to get out of the house with the sniffles? This is where online casinos and online slots come in.


Play from the comfort of home with online slots

The most notable advantage to online slots is that you can play from the comfort of your own home anywhere, anytime.

There is no need to travel, no need to get dressed up and no need to commit to any set time frame for being there.

For those who do not live near a casino, online slots are a must when you want to play. While online slots do not quite match the ambiance of land based casino slots, they come close, especially some of the new video slots.

With the graphics and sounds that are built into online slots you don’t lose a lot of the ambiance by playing online.


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Online slots can save you time

Most people who go to land based casinos to play slots commit for a certain amount of time.

Who wants to travel to a casino, even if it is just down the road, for a few short minutes. So, even if you don’t have the budget for it, you may wind up spending more at a land based casino just so you have something to do.

But with online slots if you only want to spend a few dollars and you reach your budget in a few minutes, you can easily stop. Plus, the added benefit is that you have no related expenses like traveling to the casino or buying food and drinks in order to play.


Both land based and online slots offer a variety

Regardless of whether you play at a land based casino or play online slots you will have ample variety to choose from. You can choose multiple denominations so you can play penny slots when on a budget or multiple dollars when you want to be a big spender or high roller.

There are also hundreds of different titles and themes to choose from and you can play classic slots or multi reel, multi pay line video slots. Whatever you prefer you can have your choice of slots options both online and at a land based casino.


Top Reasons to Play Online Slots

The clang of the bells when winning and the entertainment value of slots makes them a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Whether going to a casino or from home, slot machines are a wonderful choice for their entertainment value, not to mention the big winnings that are possible.

However, the online casino offers many advantages over traditional slot machines when it comes to slot machines. These are the top reasons to play online slots:


1. Less Hassle

For many people, going to a casino is a huge inconvenience.

There is travel involved, sometimes states worth of travel that requires either a large time commitment in the car or the cost of flying to the intended destination.

Then there are the arrangements for a rental car and hotel to deal with, not to mention pay for. Online Casinos are far easier to deal with, simply signup, deposit some money and start playing online slot machines immediately.

You can even play free slots when you play online, which is impossible when you go to a land-based casino. Free slots online include both 3 reel slots (classic slots) and 5 reel video slots games.


2. Better Odds

Because online casinos do not have to worry about paying a large staff of people, nor absorb the costs for alcohol, free hotel rooms and other perks, they can offer better payback percentage odds on their games.

Players who aren’t lucky enough to hit a big win playing online slot machines will still see about 5% more of their money retained compared to a traditional casino simply because the online casino can make a profit on a much smaller percentage of the betting going on in their online casino.


3. More Options

Even the best traditional casino will be limited to the number of slot machines they can have simply because space is an issue to hold them.

Online casinos do not have this problem and typically offer over a hundred separate online slot machine titles or more. At the same time, you also have the option to play almost any game as a penny slot machine, or as a high limit slot game. The choice is yours when you play online.

Space is much easier to add online. A server can easily host thousands of games because the space each one takes up is very little compared to the storage space the server has.


Top Reasons to Play Land Based Slots

Elvis Presley described the land based casino experience best when he stated “bright light city gonna set my soul…on fire.”

Truly there is nothing like the land based casino experience and the land based slots that go along with that experience.

Even with all of the online casino technology out there, not to mention a dour economy, land based casinos are still thriving. While many may play online slots from home, the entertainment value of the entire land based casino experience wins for many.



Top 5 reasons to play land based slots:


1. The Experience

There is nothing quite like walking into a thirty thousand square foot building that is jam packed with slot machines. For even the most seasoned slots player, it can be exciting, if not a little daunting. Choosing a slot machine to play is a different thing all together compared to an online slot machine as well.

They are all there in their glory rather than locked away until you click on one. It’s easier to choose a machine when you can see all that it has to offer and playing multiple machines at once is something far easier to do in a land based casino over an online one as well.


2. The Newest and Best Slots Titles

Due to the fierce competition for customers from Land Based casinos, they are always looking to be at the top when it comes to slots titles.

Most casinos get new titles quite frequently and the number of manufacturers which provide land based slots titles is far more than the software companies that provide online casinos with their slots titles.

The games are fresh and new and even regular visitors to a land based casino will likely see new titles each time they go.


3. Purpose Built Gaming

While there is a level of convenience in playing online, nothing can beat the modern consoles that land based slot machines have.

With touch screen interfaces and some really nice looking additions on top of the boxes, the presentation of the slots is absolutely stellar.

Combine this with the latest twist in land based casino gaming which is social gaming and you have something that no online slot machine can touch. Social gaming links machines together so that one player’s win can bolster other’s bank rolls and other fun twists.


4. Comps, Comps and More Comps

Part of the land based slot machine experience extends past the gaming console.

Playing slot machines frequently leads to free meals, free bar tabs and often times free hotel stays as well. While a comp points program is nice, the land based casino has more discretion with their comps and are typically more generous with them as well.


5. More Social Experience

Beyond the new social gaming that land based slot machines are offering, the entire experience at a land based casino is a far more social one.

Sure, there will be quite a bit of time devoted to land based slots but during down time from this, excellent meals, shows, dancing and more are at the player’s fingertips and are part of the experience of any land based casino.

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