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Welcome to our new slots blog section. We have new free games, the latest news, views and information.

Some visitors to our site have asked for tips and tricks. We have lots of articles about slot machines, covering all sorts of topics. We start with the basics - how to play slots:

How to Play Slots - Basics

How to Play Slots - Bonuses

Slot Payout Schedules

Then the next most popular questions we get are about winning, including how to win at slots. We also ask ourselves whether there strategies that work?

Slots Strategies - Do they Work?

Make Slots Work for You

How to Win at Slots

Now for some information one the differences and similarities between the type of slots you get online and the types you find in land-based casinos, like in Las Vegas

Reasons to Play Land-based Slots

Top Reasons to Play Online Slots

Top Reasons People Play Land-based Slots

land-based vs online slots

Play our free fun games, including pachinko, bingo and keno style games. The pages below are really popular, especially the Video Poker page.

Fun Games

Video Poker

Casino Table Games

Real Money Slots

Casino Bonus Offers


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We get asked about the difference between instant play slots and the ones where you need to download the software first, before you get to play the games.

Downloadable Online Slots

No Download Online Slots

What about some of the more unusual styles of slots play that some people have never heard of, like guaranteed play slots. Or online slot tournaments.

Guaranteed Play Slots

Online Slot Tournaments

Multiplayer Slots

Fort Knox Slots

What are Penny Slot Machines?

For fans of history, we have an articles about that too

Evolution of Slots

Finally, for anyone interested in the regulations involved with slots machines, how to guarantee a fair game.

Slots Regulations

So there we have it - everything you ever wanted to know about slots machines, but were afraid to ask.

Online Slots
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